New Features

Major OOXML Graphics improvements included(DrawingML, theme fonts, drawing styles and attributes preservation). Embedding OOXML documents in other OOXML is now possible. LibreOffice now supports OOXML Strict. We do not just work on the OOXML support though: LibreOffice now supports Microsoft Works Spreadsheets and databases and a host of legacy file formats of the Mac platform such as ClarisWorks, ClarisResolve, MacWorks SuperPaint, and more.

LibreOffice now lets you print the comments made in the margin of documents; there is now more than one way to handle feedback on your documents! LibreOffice 4.3 now allows the import and export of nested comments on ODF, DOC, OOXML and RTF files. Comments formatting is now easier as well.

LibreOffice 4.3 toolbars background are now rendered natively on Mac OSX, offering the long expected native look and feel on this platform.

LibreOffice now supports inserting animated 3D models in the new, open standard glTF format into your presentations and has initial support for importing Collada and kmz files (found in Google Warehouse). This can add a fresh new look and animations to your keynotes. LibreOffice 4.3.0 currently supports this feature on Windows and Linux versions only.

Calc allows you to perform several tasks more intuitively, thanks to the smarter highlighting of cells in formula, the display of the number of selected rows and columns in the status bar, the ability to start editing a cell with the content of the cell above and text conversion models that are now fully selectable by the user.

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