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LibreOffice getting ready for the next 1,000 hackers

Berlin, November 23, 2015 – The Document Foundation announces a renewed effort to grow the developers community beyond the threshold of 1,000 hackers reached in October 2015 (source: OpenHub), with the addition of Jan Iversen – a senior developer with a passion for mentoring, and a long experience at Apache Software Foundation – to the team.

The extraordinary growth of Libr[…]

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LibreOffice wins two open source awards at PortalProgramas

LibreOffice has won two different awards at PortalProgramas.Com, for the following categories:

Mayor potencial de crecimiento (best growth potential), because it is regularly updated and is open to new features and applications; Esencial para empresas (essential for enterprises), because it covers all enterprise office automation needs without adding license costs.

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2015-11-24 Tuesday

More struggling with main-loops; product team call. Discovered that the new scheduler has the (non-optimal) idea of setting a MAX_UINT64 timeout in milliseconds to the glib main-loop timeout; and this is really a non-clever idea. Also (thanks Dimstar) managed to find the SRPMs for openSUSE 13.2 which was surprisingly hard (though finding the source in the build-service is easy). Plugged away; tested on windows; Norbe[…]

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Improving “make vs2013-ide-integration”

The make system can generate a visual studio solution with a .vcxproj file for each target (libraries as well as executables). Having tested it, it is clear some improvement is needed. it generates vcxproj for 27 out of 93 executables Assumes that CXXOBJECTS is before “recipe to build executable” Assumes that the 2 are together… Continue reading Improving “make vs2013-ide-integra[…]

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