"The free office suite the community has been dreaming of for 12 years."

When The Document Foundation was announced in September 2010, we started with a team of long-term contributors to with the goal of establishing a project  based of transparent, collaborative, and inclusive ideals. Out of this goal LibreOffice was born. Since then, LibreOffice has grown into a vast community of contributors, users and supporters who have demonstrated without a doubt, that by applying these ideals, success will follow. In the few years since our infancy, we have been bestowed awards of achievements from the many.

See what the LibreOffice community has achieved ...
just imagine how much more we are going to do ...


  • InfoWorld Bossie Awards 2013

    "Aside from offering the GPLv2 licensing of the pre-Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice also features a more regular release schedule (once every six months), unique usability tweaks, and many features ..."

  • Linux New Media Awards 2013

    "The hearts of readers won the free program Impress LibreOffice: It received the award for the best presentation software. ... a good presentation program is critical to a successful presentation ... The award was given to Florian Effenberger of the Document Foundation. He dedicated the award to all participants of the community."

  • Linux Journal 2013 "Readers' Choice Awards"

    "Remember when there was only one main office suite Linux users loved? Oh, right, that's now! LibreOffice grabbed almost 75% of the votes this year, and keeps its spot as your favorite office application."

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