Mailing Lists

We maintain a number of global and local/regional mailing lists, which are our primary means of discussion at this time.

To sign up to one of the lists, send an empty e-mail message to the address in the "Subscription" line, wait for a reply (it usually arrives in just a few seconds - check for new mail), and then follow the instructions in the message. ("Empty" means that the message doesn't need to have any text in the "Subject" line or body, although it will not make any difference if it does.)

Information on how to unsubscribe from a list is sent to you in the confirmation e-mail, and is also added to the footer of every message posted. (If you need detailed instructions about unsubscribing from a mailing list, please click here.)

If you are interested in other possible ways to read and post messages, see the Special Notes at the end of this page.

Please remember: everything you post to our public mailing lists, including your e-mail address and any other personal information contained in your message, will be publicly archived and cannot be deleted. So, please do post wisely.


Local and Regional Mailing Lists

The lists below are all in English, but we also have mailing lists for our international communities, in various languages. For local and regional mailing lists in your language, please refer to the local and regional mailing lists table on our wiki.


Global Mailing Lists


Special Notes

In the list above, you will see that there are various other ways to view our mailing list archive: "Archives" and "".

Some special-case subscribers might want to be able to post to a list but might not want to receive messages from that list (community contributors who post announcements, for instance). In this case, please subscribe to the so-called "nomail" version of the list by attaching -nomail to the normal subscription address. For example, to do this for The Document Foundation general discussions list, the subscription address would be:

If you need detailed instructions about unsubscribing from one of our mailing lists, please click here.