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Welcome! LibreOffice is developed by a friendly community, made up of hundreds of contributors around the world. It's free and open source software, so anyone can study how it works and add improvements. Join us today and help us to make it even better! Check out the quick tasks below - or scroll further for more ways to help.

Before starting to contribute, it is recommended to schedule an orienting interview with TDF mentor Ilmari Lauhakangas. When requesting the interview, please mention the area you would like to contribute to.


Bite-size tasks


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Development Documentation Infrastructure

Design Translation Quality assurance Marketing


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Coding – New features – Bugfixes

  • Click here to get the code, talk to developers, and start working on Easy Hacks



Guidebooks – Online help – FAQs



Services – Tools – Hardware

LibreOffice's infrastructure - such as the website - is used by millions of people every year. Join our community and get experience with large-scale infra!



User interface – User experience - Branding


Translations and localization

100+ languages – And more to come

  • Click here to learn about our tools and native language communities


Quality assurance

Bugfixing – Triaging – Bibisecting

  1. Sign up to Bugzilla, our bug-tracking tool
  2. Install the latest version of LibreOffice
  3. Start confirming or re-testing bug reports
  4. Join #libreoffice-qa on Libera.Chat if you need help



Spreading the word – Attending events – Creating materials

  1. Join our mailing list (send a blank message and follow the instructions)
  2. Introduce yourself (where you're based and how you'd like to help)
  3. A member of the team will give you some ideas for things to work on