Source Code


How to build LibreOffice

There are three ways to get the source code:

  • Clone from Gerrit (our code review tool): git clone
  • Clone from the anongit repository: git clone
  • As a final fallback, download the tarball (in case the Git server is experiencing problems). After downloading the tarball, follow these steps in your command line (for Windows it is assumed you are using cygwin shell):
  1. unpack the archive by running tar xvf libreoffice-core.tar.bz2
  2. change directory to "libo"
  3. run git checkout -f
  4. run git pull -r to get most recent commits
  • Release tarballs are only for people building LibreOffice for *nix distributions. Please find the latest versions (usually near the bottom)


Build and run it

These instructions are primarily aimed at a GNU/Linux user. Bootstrap your system by installing all the packages required to build your distribution's LibreOffice package. Refer to the article about building on Linux to make sure you get everything you need.

Then download the complete source code and build it:


Start the program by running: instdir/program/soffice

Or use this command to start LibreOffice under the gdb debugger:

make debugrun

If you have problems with the build, don't be put off - get in touch with us on IRC, and/or read the wiki page How to build