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Event report: Google Summer of Code presentation in Ankara, Turkey

The Google Summer of Code – aka GSoC – is a global programme focused on bringing more student developers into free and open source software development. In 2019, LibreOffice was once again a participating project, and we describe the results here. Meanwhile, Muhammet Kara from the Turkish LibreOffice community gave a presentation about GSoC on […]

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Community Member Monday: Celia Palacios

Today we’re talking to Celia Palacios, who has recently become a member of The Document Foundation, the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice: To start, tell us a bit about yourself! I am a Mexican old-guard user of Linux since 2001. I studied Electronic Engineering, and I have been working in thatfield since 1989. I learnt all […]

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Drawing in OutputDevice

For a long time now I have noticed that OutputDevice is a class that is tightly coupled to drawing primitives such a pixels, lines, rectangles, etc. To draw new primitives in OutputDevice, you need to change the interface by adding another function, often you need to add new private functions, etc.

I have never been entirely comfortable with this - I believe that we shouldn't vary the OutputDevice class, but instead the functionality should be implemented in a

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Calculations inside of Writer tables

Possibly, not all people know it can to make calculations inside Writer tables like in the Calc. But there are only 25 functions for use inside Writer tables, but Calc has over 400 functions.To start use functions inside Writer tables you should left click into cell and then press key F2 or "=" on keyboard, or use "Formula" icon on Table toolbar. It shows a Formula bar like in the Calc.

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