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The Document Foundation is a charitable foundation under German law ("Stiftung"). Its objective, as defined in the statutes, is the promotion and development of office software available for use by anyone free of charge. The foundation promotes a sustainable, independent and meritocratic community for the international development of free and open source software based on open standards.

We are driven by thousands of contributors worldwide and provide the best free office suite, LibreOffice, which is available in over 110 languages for any major platform. Our values are openness, transparency and meritocracy. By using these as our guiding principles, we have made our financials and budgets public. To learn more about what we do, see our annual report.

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TDF is only possible due to the generous support from all around the world. Exciting new projects, activities and events put forward need financial backing, in order to provide server capacities required by the community, give travel assistance to volunteers and ensure the administration of the foundation is taken care of.

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