New Features

Great new features developed by our community

LibreOffice 6.1 includes two fresh new icon themes: Colibre, which is now the default on Windows, and Karasa Jaga. In addition, image handling has been improved, making the software faster and more responsive, while new fill gradients, help files and interface translations make this the best LibreOffice ever.

Word processing at the next level

Writer's EPUB export filter has been improved, helping you to create e-books from your documents. In the header and footer menus, new options let you quickly add page numbers and page counts, while new chapter numbering styles, which spell out cardinal and ordinal numbers, are now available. Finally, it's now possible to generate a signature line using Insert > Signature Line.

Take your spreadsheets further

In Calc, images that are anchored to cells can now be sorted. In addition, there are now three anchor types: to a cell, as usual; to a cell with resizing when the cell size changes; and to a page. When linking a sheet to external data, CSV files can now be used as data sources. And as an extra bonus, the options dialog lets you customise cell highlight colours.

Pristine presentations and drawings

In Impress and Draw, new drawing styles have been added, while existing ones have been cleaned up. Also, the menu in Draw was reorganised to be more intuitive, and a new Page menu was added.

LibreOffice online - your office suite, anywhere

In LibreOffice Online, the cloud-based version of the suite, many new dialog boxes have been added, including spelling and grammar, cell formatting and area fill. In Calc, it's now possible to collapse or expand any group of columns or rows with a single click. Finally, performance and security has been improved as well.

Further details

For a full list of new features in LibreOffice 6.1, see our release notes.

LibreOffice is Free Software that would not be possible without The Document Foundation and its volunteer contributors. For this release we would particularly like to thank the developers listed for their tremendous work and effort inside our release notes. You can contribute to the LibreOffice and Document Liberation Project as well – see how you can get involved.

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