Title: Static Initialization Vector Allows to Recover Passwords for Web Connections Without Knowing the Master Password

Announced: July 25, 2022

Fixed in: LibreOffice 7.2.7/7.3.3


LibreOffice supports the storage of passwords for web connections in the user’s configuration database. The stored passwords are encrypted with a single master key provided by the user.

A flaw in LibreOffice existed where the required initialization vector for encryption was always the same which weakens the security of the encryption making them vulnerable if an attacker has access to the user's configuration data.

In versions >= 7.2.7 (and >= 7.3.3) unique initialization vectors are used when the passwords are stored and the user is prompted via an infobar to reenter their master password in order to reencrypt old existing vulnerable stored config data if it exists.


  • OpenSource Security GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Office for Information Security