Title: CVE-2020-12801 Crash-recovered MSOffice encrypted documents defaulted to not to using encryption on next save

Announced: May 28, 2020

Fixed in: 6.3.6/6.4.3


If LibreOffice has an encrypted document open and crashes, that document is auto-saved encrypted. On restart, LibreOffice offers to restore the document and prompts for the password to decrypt it. If the recovery is successful, and if the file format of the recovered document was not LibreOffice's default ODF file format, then affected versions of LibreOffice default that subsequent saves of the document are unencrypted.
This may lead to a user accidentally saving a MSOffice file format document unencrypted while believing it to be encrypted.

In the fixed versions, encrypted recovered MSOffice format documents default to encrypted save.


Thanks to Tomas Florian <> for raising awareness of the issue