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Completed LibreOffice user guides are listed below. Click a link to download a free PDF or ODT copy. Individual chapters of all books including older versions of LibreOffice, both completed and in progress, are available on the wiki.

LibreOffice 5.2 Getting Started

How to install extensions

  • Installing Extensions (ODT) (PDF)

Frequently asked questions

LibreOffice 5.x User Guides

  • Getting Started 5.1: ODT, PDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Getting Started 5.0: ODT, PDF, Printed copy (Buy)

LibreOffice 4.x User Guides

  • Getting Started 4.2: ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Impress 4.2 Guide: ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Writer 4.2 Guide: ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Draw 4.3 Guide: ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Math 4.4 Guide: ODTPDF
  • Getting Started 4.0: ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Writer Guide 4.0 (word processor): ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Impress Guide 4.0 (presentations): ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Math Guide 4.0 (equation editor): ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Base Handbook 4.0 (database): ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Draw Guide 4.1 (vector drawing): ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Calc Guide 4.1 (spreadsheets): ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)


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