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Completed LibreOffice user guides are listed below. Click a link to download a free PDF or ODT copy, or buy a printed copy. Individual chapters of all books including older versions of LibreOffice, both completed and in progress, are available on the wiki.

LibreOffice 5.1 Getting Started

How to install extensions

  • Installing Extensions (ODT) (PDF)

Frequently asked questions

LibreOffice 5.x User Guides

  • Getting Started 5.0: ODT, PDF, Printed copy (Buy)

LibreOffice 4.x User Guides

  • Getting Started 4.2: ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Impress 4.2 Guide: ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Writer 4.2 Guide: ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Draw 4.3 Guide: ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Math 4.4 Guide: ODTPDF
  • Getting Started 4.0: ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Writer Guide 4.0 (word processor): ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Impress Guide 4.0 (presentations): ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Math Guide 4.0 (equation editor): ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Base Handbook 4.0 (database): ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Draw Guide 4.1 (vector drawing): ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)
  • Calc Guide 4.1 (spreadsheets): ODTPDF, Printed copy (Buy)


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